Dental Radiology

Corix® 70+NG-WM

Corix® 70+NG-WM

Wall Mount, for single use and passthrough applications.

The simplest yet the most sophisticated dental X-Ray device.
Control panel with intuitive icons that does not need memorized instructions.
Advanced SMD (Surface mounted devices) technology provides high degree of confidance.
Pre-Programmed or manual exposure settings.
High resolution images with digital sensor, phosphor plates or traditional films.
With an excelent technical support and warranty provided by 42 years of Corix® devices in the market place.

70 KVp Tubehead.
Assures high quality, sharp, and well-defined images in intra-oral radiography by using the most reliable x-ray tube available in the market.

Long reach positioning arm.
Moves effortlessly and folds compact when not in use. Ease of positioning with drift free stability.

Three digit exposure Timer.
Designed both for Film or Digital Radiography. The exposure Time is selected and shown on a bright 3 digit display. Full protection against x-ray tube overheating: the microprocessor controlled circuit will automatically set the minimum cooling period, thus extending the Tubehead life.