Veterinary Radiology

Corix® Pro 70 WM

Corix® Pro 70 WM

Wall Mount, equipped with a long reach, drift free positioning arm. It could be installed for use in pass through applications, enabling more operatory stations.

When the standard 8" (200mm) SHORT CONE, provided with the equipment for Dental Radiography is replaced by our exclusive BEAM CENTERING DEVICE, MOD. Q100 (Optional), the CORIX® PRO 70 will produce quality radiographic images colimated to the physical dimensions of a standard radiographic cassette, or flat panel ccd sensor, by allowing full body veterinary diagnostic of small and medium weigth species.

Unique features, like a Control Panel with a bright graphic display, tha allows the selection of Patient's Weight, Maxilla and Mandible Teeth, Speed Factors for the image receptor, with more than 400 pre-set exposure times automatically selected and displayed on the screen, or manual override, are making the CORIX® 70 PRO the most complete and advanced Dental Veterinary X-Ray Equipment in the market.

A new generation of easy to pre-set Digital Exposure Timer, with a 3 digit LCD Character Display, fully compatible with the fastes film or digital imaging systems, with an array of sub-menu options only provided by Coriz Medical Systems®.

- 10 factory pre-set programs with exposure time selection or manual override.
- Selection for 2 patient size.
- Film, CCD or Phosphor plate selection.
- 5 options of pre-heating time selection for the x-ray tube.
- Line voltage compensated exposure time or manual override, if requiered.
- Exposure counter.
- Precision integrated digital voltmeter for monitoring the mains voltage variation.
- 3 internal exposure time calibration factors, to compensate for the sensitivity of the image.
- Optional, integrated high quality filmless digital sensor.
- Optional remote x-ray button.