Dental Radiology

Corix® 70 Plus-USV-MM

Corix® 70 Plus-USV-MM

Mobile Stand. Mobile unit that allows reaching separate operating stations, on a sturdy and stable rolling stand.

- Sturdy, Positioning Arm with a long reach.
- Moves effortlessle and folds compactly when not in use. Ease of positioning and drift free stability.


A new generation of easy to pre-set Digital Exposure Timer, with a 3 digit LCD Character Display, fully compatible with the fastest film or digital imaging systems, with an array of sub-menu options only provided by Corix Medical Systems®.

- 10 factory pre-set programs with exposure time selection or manual override.
- Selection for 2 patient size.
- Film, CCD or Phosphor plate selection.
- 5 options of pre-heating time selection for the x-ray tube.
- CLine voltage compensated exposure time or manual override, if required.
- Exposure counter.
- Precision integrated digital voltmeter for monitoring the mains voltage variation.
- 3 internal exposure time calibration factors, to compensate for the sensitivity of the image receptor.
- Optional, integrated high quality filmless digital sensor.
- Optional remote x-ray button.