Where can you purchase your X-ray equipment - CORIX®?

With one of our Authorized Distributors. Leave your Data, and we will contact you to assign one of them.

What is the difference between your CORIX® X-Ray Equipment models?

The main difference between our models is in the Control Panel.

  • The TS model is the last generation of Programmable Intelligent Touch Screen Display.
  • The PLUS model, being our most sophisticated model, integrates a wider selection of pre-programmed times, as well as a digital screen that provides an interactive menu to improve the operator's experience.
  • The NG model provides you with a control panel with pre-programmed exposure times based on the type of patient and type of x-ray.
  • Our JR model offers a basic control panel, with the options to increase and decrease the exposure time according to the operator's needs.

Which model has better quality?

At CORAMEX, we firmly believe that the possibilities of all dentists should be within the reach of an Equipment with the highest quality standards, which is why all our X-Ray Equipment, from the most basic (JR) to the most sophisticated (PLUS), are manufactured with the same quality and radiological safety standards, so you can be sure that when purchasing the model that best suits your needs, the quality and safety of the Equipment will not change.

I require support with my X-Ray Equipment

To provide you with specialized attention and to be able to support you, in our Contact section, you can find the numbers and emails corresponding to the Technical Assistance.

I want to sell your X-Ray Equipment, who can I contact?

You just have to contact our sales department, or if you prefer, leave your contact information, so that our sales team will contact you shortly and tell you the requirements you must meet to be one of our Authorized Distributors.